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To Educate Budding Creatives in Diaspora

The creatives oasis blog is a writing blog for aspiring authors, creatives, budding creators, and beginners seeking an understanding of the writing process, mastering their craft confidently, and becoming better value creators.

Our mission with this blog is to educate, nurture, and inspire young creatives to become grounded, productive, consistent, and confident creators.

Primarily our purpose is to provide a haven that welcomes all and caters to the needs of budding creators through personal advocacy, sharing recommendations, and creating useful resource tools such as blog posts, ebooks, videos, planners, and courses.

We proffer solutions to writers’ needs through our one-on-one consultations and our bi-monthly newsletters.

Also, we push to educate creatives through videos and posts on our YouTube channel and across all our social media pages, creating diversified content for you and other young creatives seeking genuine knowledge about the writing process.


To Inspire Creatives In Diaspora

Our core values remain to impact, nurture, simplify, prepare, initiate, recommend, and educate burgeoning creatives in the diaspora.

  • We aim to affect positively your creative journey.
  • We seek to nurture the minds of burgeoning creatives aspiring to become published authors.
  • We aim to simplify the undervalued, neglected aspects of the writing process for easy understanding.
  • We seek to prepare aspiring authors/creatives to embrace the writing process.
  • We strive to nurture productive, consistent, and confident value creators.
  • We seek to grow our initiative for an all-inclusive community for creatives.
  • We aim to keep recommending useful resources to help burgeoning writers develop and scale their writing goals
  • We seek to educate budding creatives on the tips, tricks, truths, and struggles of the writing process.


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What to expect

  • Guidance:

We aim to guide you through the early stages of your writing career, teach you the basics and keep you grounded on the foundation of becoming an author and help you grow your craft as you learn and grow.

  • Development

We also aim to help you excel by building your consistency and boosting your productivity and self-confidence in your craft. 

You’ll learn and develop useful skills and habits that are paramount to your success as a budding value creator, and follow up on progress through our newsletters.

  • Wellness:

We inculcate personal wellness, lifestyle, and health in our teachings to help you live a balanced life and have a proper work/creative career/life integration.

Only a sound mind and a mindful creative can make the most out of their creative gift without burning themselves to the ground. The goal is to have you as a part of that group.

  • Inclusive Community 

We have built an inclusive community of over 100 young creatives whom we encourage and inspire through our tri-monthly newsletters. To become a member of this community, you’ll have to subscribe to our tribe.

What we do

  • Publish weekly blog posts centered around neglected aspects of the writing process for beginners
  • Create resource tools, videos, and social media content to help creatives level up their game.
  • Strongly advocate for creatives’ self-care, mental wellness, and productivity through awareness posts.
  • Follow creatives’ progress through tailored newsletters.

What we preach

We preach and advocate for creatives

  • Conscious growth
  • Daily progress
  • Mindful and Productive processes
  • Self-Improvement
  • Building self-confidence
  • Constant Learning
  • Unique Voices 
  • Self-appreciation
  • Mental Wellness
  • Self -love
  • Mindful Living


What we offer | How we can help you

Our services are open to all creatives in diaspora, and we invite you to work with us.

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We offer professional book formatting services to writers who intend to publish their books like professionals.

Say goodbye to poor interior design, the wrong pagination, hanging chapters, wrong-facing pages, and whatnot.


Stop procrastinating and become accountable for your writing success.

Hire an accountability partner to work with you to achieve your writing goals within a span of time.