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Personal Development With O.J Ebubeoha

by Jane Anne


Hello, Welcome To My Column

Hello, Welcome To My Column

Obianuju Jane Ebubeoha, is a Nigerian content writer, author, freelance writer, content creator, and blogger.
She is a goal-getter, with a resilient drive for pursuing personal growth, self-development, and productivity.
Her catchy tagline is: Be in control of your actions and the narrative of your life.  
She has a deep passion for mentoring young creatives, inspiring their writing, and encouraging their progress through her practical pieces of productivity, self-development, consistency, and goal-setting.
As a writer, she understands how difficult it is for young creatives to maintain momentum after a while and hopes to use her column to mentor and nurture young creatives striving to achieve their writing goals.
When she’s not here, sharing personal development tips, you can find her on Medium, Twitter, or her Authors Page.
She is honored to have you visit and read her column.