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by Jane
Need the ghostwriting services of a content writer to help you create personalized content tailored to your brand/niche areas?
I’m your gal!
I’ll tell your brand stories uniquely, captivatingly, and encompassing, highlighting your features, products, and services.
  • I write creative blog posts and thought leadership pieces on niche areas.
  • I write original personal wellness articles.
  • I can ghostwrite your blog posts, column articles, long-form guides, and publication articles.
  • I also write app and product reviews.
I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I’m open to taking on projects in other similar industries. Some of the niche areas I have explored are
  • Alternative Health and Wellness
  • Educational Materials (Ebooks) and Long-Form Guides
  • Creative Blog Posts on Mindfulness and Personal Growth
Below are published articles and blog posts that I have written in some of my areas of interest.


I’m Obianuju Jane Ebubeoha, a freelance personalized, content writer for hire.
I save you time, money, and headaches, all the while helping your ideas sparkle with a personal touch.
A published author, writer, and blog community curator shows my knowledge and expertise in creating engaging personalized content and thought pieces in niche areas.
My personalized content writing is:
  • Easy to read
  • Interesting and Engaging
  • Informative and Precise
I’m also a flexible, open-minded person with a passion for art and a keen eye for detail. I’m honest, principled, and open to working with divergent clients.
When I’m not crafting compelling blog posts or creating content, I’m shuffling through my professional coursework, ready to smash that bar and earn myself a badge as a Professional Chartered Accountant.
Still wondering why me?
  • I’m a calm and understanding person to work with. I understand urgency, and how precious time is.
  • I treat my freelance writing as a business, ensure due diligence with my projects, and work great with timelines and people.
  • I’ll guarantee you the best work, timely feedback, great communication at every step of the project, and milestone checks at key points in my project.
  • I’m also a collaborator, an ardent listener, and a result-oriented content writer.
Send me an email, and let’s work together to bring your ideas to life.