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6 Reasons Why Aspiring Authors Should Embrace Author Branding

by Jane Anne

Author branding is a key factor you must consider as you begin your writing journey as an aspiring/budding author.

You are a phenomenal published author in the making and should pay close attention to the subtle things that speak loudest about you – your author brand.

Author branding is important for every aspiring author/published author who intends to build authority around their works either as a fiction or non-fiction author in the writing industry.

Creating and owning your brand as an aspiring author is a gradual phase that will unfold easily when you get it right from the start and implement the level-up strategy that will help you grow from aspiring to published author.

Branding is a process that is consciously implemented from the inception of the idea to become an author, to your first published book and subsequent publications after that. Your brand could evolve with time but the central theme/idea behind your brand will hold still and continue to convey your message.

If you’re a fiction author, don’t feel discouraged that you may not have a brand because you write fantasy, romance, erotica, sci-fi, and horror as against a non-fiction author who specializes in self-help books or has authority in the areas of finance, personal development, business or wealth creation.

Absolutely Not.

As a fiction author, you can build your brand in a way that represents what you believe in and conveys in your books. Understanding the message, you would like your brand to be represented, is the beginning of a long list of reasons why you should embrace author branding as an aspiring author.

Here are 6 reasons why aspiring authors should embrace author branding from the inception.

Reason #1: Define Your Central Message

You cannot project your brand to the world without first discovering what you want the world to know about you. What message do you want the world to embrace about your brand or what do you expect your author brand to be associated with?

Investing in your author brand will help you define your message, refine your beliefs, shape your genre, influence your personality, and build authority in your space.

Author branding will also help you identify your purpose and core focus which will aid your brand positioning in the digital space.

The central message of the Creatives Oasis Blog is to educate aspiring authors on tips, tricks, truths, issues, mistakes & problems associated with the writing journey and to proffer solutions through posts, digital resources & recommendations from knowledgeable individuals in the writing space.

Because of a clearly defined central message, my author brand can be identified with aspiring authors and young/budding creatives which will invariably help me define my target audience.

Reason #2: Define Your Target Audience

Every niche has a target audience, and you must identify whom your message is made for. As an aspiring author, one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid is jumping right into writing without taking the time to choose your genre first.

Choosing your preferred genre will help you niche down within that genre so you can project your message to a special audience or a group of audiences depending on your niche.

As a romance and erotic author, myself, my audiences are in the sub-niche within the romance and erotic genre like Billionaire Romance, Mafia Romance, Office Romance, Milf Erotica, BDSM Erotica, Age-Gap Romance & Erotica, and so on.

Understand that there are specific individuals whom your message is made for and author branding helps identify who they are. Just like you cannot sell to everyone, your brand isn’t for everyone.

Clear identification of what your central message is and who your target audience is will help shape your author’s brand.

Reason #3: Own Your Space

How will you feel when your brand becomes identified with a certain trend or style? Proud, right? That’s the power of author branding.

From your author’s name, pen name or brand name, or brand logo to your colors, style, website, blog, community, social media, and anywhere else, your brand will speak and feel the same way, which will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your visitors.

When I began to think about creating a blog, the sole purpose was to educate people – creatives – on the mistakes I made as an aspiring author myself. I wanted to be a guide to young creatives who are starting and have fears about the writing journey.

I didn’t have a guide starting and I never knew how much it’d cost me until I was fully submerged under all my mistakes. So, with each mistake I tackled, I wanted to share my experience with it, hence the creation of this blog.

Before launching my blog, I already had my message and I knew my message was meant for budding authors, so I began with slow & steady steps to learn all I could about blogging, setting up my blog, and defining a means to reach out to my target audience with all I knew.

The creatives oasis blog page on Instagram is a direct replica of what you’ll find on my blog, Pinterest board, Facebook page, & Website. Although modified to suit these platforms, the message is still the same.

Author branding takes time – you should see my main author’s page, it’s still a mess – and I can assure you that with time, as you grow to understand your voice and style more, so will your author brand evolve.

Don’t sweat it too much, but pick something to focus on and build from there.

Reason #4: Build Authority

The combination of a compelling central message, a target audience for your niche, and a clearly defined space equals authority in that niche.

Using my author’s page as an example, I’ll not say I’m an authority in my niche yet because it’s still a work in progress. Although I have a central message which is to write unconventional heartwarming, toe-curling, and sheet-grabbing steamy romance with happy endings while my target audience, which is cozy romance and erotic readers, I do not have the catalog, an award, or a bestselling badge yet, to prove myself as an authority in that niche.

Another example is The Creatives Oasis Blog has a central message for aspiring authors, a target audience including both aspiring & published authors, and a space – a blog – equipped with tools, posts, videos, materials & recommendations that will help aspiring authors overcome their pain points. This creates an air of authority around this brand.

In time, your author brand will grow to have an air of authority around it, but it will take cultivating the habit of consistency to keep your brand alive and thriving.

Embracing author branding will help you build authority around your niche, build credibility, and garner recognition for your brand.


Reason #5: Build Credibility

Achieving the first four stages will automatically add credibility to your author’s brand. Your voice begins to break through the ice and draws more eyeballs towards your brand as your audience spreads the word.

The more attention your brand gets, the greater its exposure to opportunities, and the greater its recognition and expanded growth in the industry.

When a brand speaks for itself and through others, it becomes credible. It draws attention to itself and creates opportunities for networking and collaborations with other like-minded individuals in the same space.

As much as gaining authority in a niche may be difficult to achieve, it doesn’t mean you cannot gain credibility. Putting your brand out there for the world to see, staying consistent with your brand goals, sharing value, building engagement, and meaningful relationships, showing up, and solving problems are enough to gain credibility for your author brand.

Consciously building your author brand will always pay off in the long run.

Reason #6: Build Recognition

The ultimate goal of building your author brand is to stand out and gain recognition as a fresh voice in the industry. It is a process that comes with a combination of many other things.

First, you have to get the process right from the startNext will be to understand the level-up strategy for aspiring authors & overcome your fears about the process.

Also, you’ll have to understand the value of networking as an aspiring author and the importance of collaborations in building your author brand.

For your author brand to gain recognition, it has to be worthy of that attention. Be creative with your brand, write what people want to read, don’t be shy about promoting yourself, don’t be reluctant to talk about your brand or share your ideas with the world, and don’t be too eager to jump upon every offer but make sure it aligns with your brand goals first before you venture into it.

Recognition comes with visibility which in turn propels growth and opens wide the portal of opportunities. Embracing author branding has its cons but the benefits far supersede it.

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