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How To Kill Your Creative Passion As An Aspiring Author In 15 Exciting Ways

by Jane Anne
How To Kill Your Creative Passion In 15 Exciting Ways

There are certain habits you exhibit as an aspiring author that will put a dent in your efforts and ensure your creative passion never progresses beyond the thoughts and aspirations in your mind.

Possessing the gift of creativity is not enough to develop into something more than mere dreams and wishes. It needs actions and a pattern of conscious activities strung together to give life to your passion.

However, if you want to make sure your creative passion never sees the light of day or you deeply intend to make sure nothing good ever comes from exploring your gifts, I have put together 15 exciting tips on how to kill your creative passion without stress.

To make sure you execute the creative kill plan well, try these 15 murder tips.

How To Kill Your Creative Passion In 15 Exciting Ways

Murder Tip #1: Entertain Doubts

Finding reasons not to pursue your creative passion because you keep doubting your capabilities and strength is a great way to execute the kill plan.

Murder Tip #2: Accept Defeat

Deciding from the outset that your passion for writing is a lost cause, and shoving it away because you believe it isn’t worth a shot before you even try, is a perfect way to take the kill shot.

Murder Tip #3: Ignore Learning

Believing that what you know is good enough, and refusing to explore your areas of interest in writing or learning the basics and rules guiding your genre/niche, is an excellent way to swallow the red pill.

Murder Tip #4: Disregard Personal Development

As a professor of the know-it-all department, if you decide that taking writing courses, learning from the wealth of writing materials on the internet, asking questions, and being inquisitive about your art is a waste of your precious time, then who am I to stop you when you desperately want to tie the noose around your neck?

By all means, take the leap.

Murder Tip #5: Bite More Than You Can Chew

You watch how daring James Bond is in his movies and admire how John Wick is invincible on his turf, then you decide to reach beyond the skies instead of taking it a step at a time. I assure you that the kill shot is waiting to be fired.

Murder Tip #6: Don’t Ask for Help

When you prefer to do all the work alone rather than reach out to ask for guidance, you’re setting up yourself to be crushed under the weight of the work to be done.

Murder Tip #7: Become A Jack of All Trades

Instead of picking a genre you are comfortable writing in, or a set of niches to blend with your taste and style, you decide to dip your ink into everything while dabbling your way through the writing process is the fastest way to murder your passion.

Murder Tip #8: Ignore Author Branding

Refusing to acknowledge the usefulness of building your author brand as you begin your writing journey as a budding author is one of the easiest, surefire ways to shoot yourself in the foot.

Murder Tip #9: Avoid Networking Like a Plague

Instead of creating meaningful connections within your community, nurturing your audience, and building a family of loyal supporters who will help promote your author brand and literary works as an aspiring author, you choose to fly solo and avoid it all.

Congratulations on your prime efforts, it will be duly rewarded in kind.

Murder Tip #10: Keep Your Creative Passion Hidden

Harboring feelings that your passion for writing and storytelling is best kept a secret from the world because you’re scared to share your gift or scared of criticisms and backlash.

Murder Tip #11: Disregard the Importance of Research

Disregarding the most important writing criteria is an excellent way to go way over the top with your kill plan.

Murder Tip #12: Become Disillusioned by the Prospects of Wealth

Holding on to the illusion of making a million hits with your first shot at writing is a great way to prepare your mind for the imminent death of your blossoming passion.

Murder Tip #13: Frown at Criticisms

Entertaining thoughts that your work of art is a perfect masterpiece and you frown at criticism and disregard corrections, you are inevitably drawing closer to the end of the line of your creative adventures.

Murder Tip #14: Impatience

As a creative, patience is a needed virtue to attain success.

Marching through your creative journey with an attitude of impatience your creative journey will be an excruciatingly painful and bitter one.

In the long run, it’ll become unbearable and lead you to quit.

Murder Tip #15: Entertain Fear

It’s safe to say there is no need to even begin your creative journey when fear holds you back.

I guess we’ll never know how beautiful your gift of creativity would have turned out or how revolutionary your stories would have been because believed in the crusher of dreams.

Entertaining the feelings of fear does not harm you because your passion will simply remain as it was, an untapped gift.


The thought of exploring your creative passion can be scary and filled with a list of valid reasons you shouldn’t give your dream a shot, but there is no reward without risk and no progress without a plan.

Deciding to become an author demands a lot of commitment, courage, determination, patience, consistency, and the hunger to learn from you, which ultimately molds you for success and recognition in the world of creative arts.

Entertaining the thoughts of giving up on everything before you even try is a notion to be dispelled and repelled by your thoughts because it will surely cause more harm than good.

Your passion for creativity is a gift. Do not shove it down the drain because you’re too scared to try.

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