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8 Simple Productivity Hacks For Writers

by Jane Anne
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Build consistency, and productive workflow, and develop good writing habits by implementing these 8 simple productivity hacks for budding writers.

Distractions are real monsters in the world of productivity and can set you back a mile if you aren’t conscious enough to catch on to those little dings that cloud your focus and take your mind completely off a project.

Achieving a set goal as a writer – maybe publishing a book in three months or finishing a series in six months – will not only take a lot of commitment, but it will also demand you to map out productive action steps to actualize that goal.

These 8 productivity hacks for budding/aspiring authors will help you hit the ground running and give you room to find your flow while making conscious efforts to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Starting from the top, these 8 productivity hacks for writers have been simplified and can be modified to suit your abilities as a writer/author.

1. Create Your Writing Workspace

I call it creating the creative head office. This space will become your sanctuary; a sanctimonious space that helps you focus and understand that there’s work to be done. It doesn’t have to be a whole room to yourself, just a corner by the side or an extension of your home created just for writing.

You indeed can work anywhere you like on the go, but once home and well-rested, always use your workspace when you when working on a project. I find that it somehow clears your head and keeps your mind sharpened to begin working.

2. Set Rewards For Achieving Milestones

As underrated as this is, it works. Don’t be quick to dismiss the power of positive reward or believe it to be for toddlers and little children or employees only. I disagree because it’s an effective productivity tool that cuts across various spheres of life and work.

To stay productive as a writer, try creating rewards for achieving significant milestones as you write. It could be exceeding a word count in a week, meeting up with a daily set target, ticking off all the set action plans for the day, and so on.

The reward you set depends on your personality and ability to deny yourself some privileges until that milestone is achieved.

3. Write When You’re Most Creative

It is possible to write every day. It is possible to complete your manuscript in two months or six months, depending on your plans, but to achieve that, you have to determine when you’re most productive and feel in your zone.

This is different for every single person. You might be a morning person who writes best with the music playing, another might be a night person who loves to spin words when everywhere is quiet and peaceful.

Take time to find out what and when works best for you, then try to replicate that and marvel at how easy it would be to make your work time most productive.

4. Don’t Focus on More Than Two Work-In-Progress At A Time

This hack is relative to individuals and subjective to persons.

Juggling a lot of WIP can be very overwhelming, especially when still trying to find your flow. It could become frustrating and depressing to the point of abandonment if there is too much workload piled up on your desk.

Clear out your workspace and focus on one or two projects at a time. This will give room to be more productive with any project you work on at a time.

Productivity Hacks For Writers

5. Pick An Achievable Word Count For Each Work-In-Progress

As mundane as this might be, it helps. That’s why authors jump into NaNoWriMo in the first place. The first thing you will be required to do is set a word count you’d like to achieve in one month.

Then you will be required to record your progress daily until your word count for the month is achieved or surpassed. So, to get productive with your projects, it is paramount to pick out a word count for each project – be it short stories or novellas.

6. Note Down Random Ideas As It Occurs

The brain functions in different ways for creative individuals and this leads to random ideas spitting out at odd hours. It could occur at unexpected times or even try to suppress your current project with its shiny appeal.

It is advised to get a journal of ideas and keep it close for when the light bulb goes up with another shiny idea. Writing it down means you acknowledge it’s there but will not allow it to interfere with your current project.

The worst thing a writer can do is jump at every random idea that pops up at all times. It will not only slow down your progress, but it will also make you less productive and achieve lesser results.

7. Write At Least 1000 Words A day

This is also subjective depending on what works for you and how you set out to achieve that goal. Writing 1000 words or 500 words a day is dependent on your work time and what you plan to do with it.

The goal is to write every day and add new words and chapters to your current WIP, no matter how little it is. Keeping to this will help you stay focused daily and get the ink rolling across your paper.

Writing daily will help you stay productive in achieving your writing goals with each keystroke.

Simple Productivity Hacks For Writers

8. Create Reflection Time Gaps

To avoid burning out from undue stress, I advise you to take reflection time gaps or breaks. This is where you take some time to blow off steam, refresh your mind and think through your current project.

The advantage of this is to help you free your mind, scan through your work and generate more ideas for your WIP if you are a pantser.

Take time off, surround yourself with things that keep you motivated, and set your sights on finishing your project.

There you have it. The 8 simple productive hacks for writers you can implement as an author, aspiring author, or budding writer.

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