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How To Draft An Excellent Guest Post Pitch With Example

by Jane Anne
How To Draft An Excellent Guest Post Pitch With Example

Drafting your guest post pitch like a pro may feel daunting if you’ve never pitched to a blog before or you’re a burgeoning writer.

A crucial factor in determining if you’ll snag the attention of a blog admin long enough to read the rest of your pitch depends on how well you craft your pitch.

I have saved you the trouble of chewing on your nails and figuring out how to write your guest post pitch by infusing all the points in pitching your guest post like a pro into these examples.

How To Pitch Your Guest Post Like A Pro — Key Points

  • Read submissions guidelines
  • Start with an introduction and highlight your category of choice
  • Outline at least three solid topics and their subtopics in your pitch
  • Read previous posts on the blog
  • Inquire if there is an opening for guest writers on their blog
  • Close your pitch, edit it, and add your social handles
  • Ensure you add your social handles to your pitch before you hit send.

Excellent Examples Of A Guest Post Pitch You Can Adopt

Example One:

Hello, I’m Jane.

I’m a freelance creative writer, ghostwriter, and blogger in the lifestyle, wellness, and personal development category.

I came across your blog on a friend’s timeline and fell in love with your content and the value you teach.

Your blog caught my interest and it’ll be an honor to guest-write for you in your lifestyle and wellness category.

As instructed in your submission guidelines, I have subscribed to your blog and thoroughly read through your policies.

Below are three lifestyle and wellness topics with detailed outlines that I’ll submit to your editorial team when I get your approval.

Topic one: How to deal with sudden life changes as a burgeoning writer

Topic Outline:

  • Introduction
  • What are sudden life changes for humans and writers alike?
  • Are sudden life changes orchestrated to make you feel guilty?
  • How to deal with sudden life changes as a burgeoning writer
  • Endnotes

Topic two: 3 Beautiful and Breathtaking Places In Nigeria Writers Should Visit

Topic Outline:

  • Introduction
  • What is a travel bucket list?
  • Why should writers make traveling plans?
  • Top three breathtaking places in Nigeria, every writer should visit
  • Intentional plans to make before traveling
  • Endnotes

Topic three: 7 Toxic Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Creative Productivity

Topic Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Relationship between sleep deprivation and creative productivity
  • Effects of sleep deprivation on creative productivity
  • Tips for sound sleep to improve your creative productivity
  • Endnotes

I carefully curated these topics by reading other posts on your blog and understanding your values and the audience you serve.

Although this is my first pitch to you, I believe I’m a good fit for your blog.

Writing for your blog will boost my portfolio and expand your reach when I share the posts with my audience on Social media and LinkedIn.

Here are my social links: 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thecreativesoasisblog 

Twitter: www.twitter.com/oasisblog 

I look forward to an acceptance invitation from your team.

Best regards,

O.J Ebubeoha.

How To Draft An Excellent Guest Post Pitch With Example


Your guest post pitch doesn’t have to feel lengthy or forced. Write your pitch genuinely and only add topics you can excellently deliver on.

When you send your guest post pitch, don’t start hounding the blog admins with follow-up emails. Give them time to get back to you. You can send a sincere follow-up email if the response isn’t forthcoming.

How To Pitch Your Guest Post Like A Pro

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