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3 Beautiful And Breathtaking Places In Nigeria Writers Should Visit

by Precious Adaey
3 Beautiful And Breathtaking Places In Nigeria Writers Should Visit

There are beautiful, and breathtaking places in Nigeria writers should visit that inspire and stimulate creativity.

Finding creative sources of artistic inspiration is always a thrilling adventure for burgeoning writers, especially for writers who enjoy traveling and exploration.

Traveling and seeking fresh adventures is a great way to unwind, free your mind, and allow nature, culture, and heritage to unlock your creative imagination.

As an African writer, there are three beautiful and breathtaking places in Nigeria you must add to your travel bucket list.

What’s A Travel Bucket list?

This is a cool list, where you have your dream travel destinations penned down and crossed off when you eventually travel to these places.

Your travel bucket list may include both local and international locations you’ve longed to visit.

Why Should Writers Make Travelling Plans?

Tourists are not the only ones permitted to make traveling plans. Writers need a change of scenery and exposure too.

Traveling switches up things and jolts your imagination. It refreshes your inspiration bank and paints a perspective in your mind’s view that you may have never imagined.

Making travel plans is a recipe for experiencing new and revitalized versions of yourself as a creative writer.

3 Beautiful And Breathtaking Places In Nigeria Writers Should Visit

Top 3 Breathtaking Places In Nigeria, Every Writer Should Visit


This city is the heart and bustle of Nigeria where you can run out of creative ideas. A city filled with so much culture and artistic displays of unique human characteristics that only one encounter can trigger something exceptional.

Everything in this city triggers your creative imagination from the soulful graffiti on the wall to its people, food, environment, music, and landmark areas.


This is the serene and breathtaking capital city of Nigeria.

Do you want to get out of the noise and find comfort in writing? Take a trip to Abuja and you’ll find the peace and inspiration you seek.

This beautiful city is rich in exotic natural habitats and has interesting landmark areas that intoxicate and amplify your creative senses.


This is the capital of Cross River State, Nigeria.

It’s a beautiful place and a major tourism center in Nigeria. It boasts of significant history, beautiful scenery, and outstanding culture.

Calabar has great tourist centers, natural habitats, a beautiful city, and a cultural heritage to die for.

It is a definitive must-add to your travel bucket list.

Intentional Plans To Make Before Traveling

It’s difficult to visit a place for the first time and not get lost in the thrill of adventure and exploration.

I advise you to make intentional plans for your visit before traveling, so you’re ready to tap into your flow when you arrive at your destination and make the most of your visit.

Here are 3 intentional plans you should make before traveling:

Documenting Your Journey

It doesn’t matter what you go searching for when you travel, make an intentional plan to document your journey.

Take notes of everything and the tiniest feeling as you explore the cities on your travel bucket list. Journal your experiences with the culture, people, food, environment, and even music.

Write about your perception of the characteristics of the people you encountered, their uniqueness, and their relationship with one another.

Document your encounter with nature, the sunrise, and anything else about the place that catches your fancy or triggers your emotions.

Learning Something New

Stay intentional about learning something new while visiting these breathtaking places in Nigeria.

As a writer on an adventure, you must explore and learn. Don’t put yourself in the box or remain static throughout your visit.

Allow yourself the liberty to open up to the call of nature. Ask questions about the people’s culture and heritage, myths and stereotypes, hidden truths that are whitewashed, and anything else that interests you.

Fill your knowledge bank with as much information as you can about your location but also build unforgettable memories and moments with that place.

There’s nothing as beautiful as that for a writer.

Savouring The Experience

Your purpose for traveling mustn’t lean toward finding inspiration alone. It is a time for you to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate.

Allow your mind to wander and reflect, and enjoy the moments spent visiting these breathtaking places in Nigeria.

Plan to savor every aspect of the experience, both its good and terrible parts.

Allow your creative mind to swim in the many explorative possibilities your journey could bring and savor them.


Making travel plans isn’t a bad idea, even when you don’t have the means to fulfill them. Add these 3 breathtaking places in Nigeria to your travel bucket list and, who knows, the universe might just grant your wish.

However, your inability to fund your travel plans shouldn’t prevent you from exploring other places within your immediate environment.

Visit parks, resort centers, natural habitats, and places known for the cultural heritage in your location.

What you’ll find around you may surprise you.


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