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Your Creative Craft Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

by Jane Anne
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I’ll bet there are countless times you’ve felt like just hiding away from the world and shoving the crazy ideas that just popped up in your mind, into the deepest corners of your mind thrash. You shouldn’t because your creative craft rocks.

Being a serial creative may come with these feelings of shame towards your creative craft which breeds doubts and in turn cultivates the seed of fear. Don’t give in to that fear, because you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Truth be told, shame is a disease of the mind; a parasite that taps into your deepest darkest corners and unearths feelings that have no place in your mind. 

Creatives are known for thinking outside the box, for reaching beyond the stars to birth that magnificent piece of art that would tear through the veil of conventionality into the realm of magic.

That crazy idea might just be the perfect spice needed to make the cuisine taste extraordinary. You shouldn’t let that parasitic dictator tell you what or what not to be proud of. It is your creation and each piece deserves to be treated as beautifully as they feel.

Your Creative Craft is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

In whatever sphere you rock, be you a writer, an author, a poet, painter, doesn’t matter what form of expression your work takes, be bold enough to show forth your masterpiece to the world.

Your creative craft is nothing to be ashamed of, do it with the full audacity of the man/woman in charge, and see the veils part for your sake.

Be original. Be real. 

Have a purpose. Create from your heart.

Above all, appreciate your own efforts because it rubs off on others and will go a long way to tip the scales in your favor.

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