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Dear Author, Appreciate Your Gift of Creativity

by Jane Anne
Dear Author, Appreciate Your Gift of Creativity

You are a genius, and your creative streak is a gift, so learn to always appreciate your gift of creativity. Not everyone can boast of the kind of gift you possess.

Believe it or not, it is a supernatural gift on the inside to wield the power to transcend realms and move between worlds through what you do. It takes only a gifted to transport another into a world that only you can create from the flutters of ink or brush or words.

When words flow out from the fountain of your pen, people hold on for dear lives trying to imagine what your next move would be. When you dip the brush in paint, a whole universe appears before the canvas, a place that they’ve never before seen, until you show it to the world.

A magical realm of green and wonder.

The words that drip from your lips like milk dipped in honey, causes people to stop and wonder at the intensity of your truth, yet you don’t believe in the power of your gift.

Appreciate Your Gift of Creativity

Shielding the world from your gift is not an option, it was meant to be explored and utilized for great things because you have the potential to be great if you let the light shine upon your talents and gifts.

Appreciate what you have, who you are, and the magic you were blessed with. Feel free to share that magic with those around you, touch lives through your art, bring solace through your words, share happiness in your works and spark the fire of hope as you craft.

We’re kings and queens in our own space, a little world big enough to contain all the magic you’ve got to give; so take the time to enjoy what you do and appreciate your creative works.

We’re our first heroes, we’re our first love because you have to be proud of what you do to fully appreciate your talents and explore your potential.

The world will only see what you show them, it will feed into your enthusiasm and explode from there.

Hear me, honey, you’ve got to love yourself first, so, appreciate you.

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