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How To Cure Writer’s Block With a Simple Cold Shower

by Jane Anne
How To Cure Writer's Block With a Simple Cold Shower

I see that smirk you’re wearing, thinking ‘how’s that even possible?. Yes, it’s possible and I will explain how to cure writer’s block with a simple cold shower in this post.

First off, it’s a routine that works for me one hundred percent and probably won’t work for you, if you reside in a country or place where cold showers are an absolute abomination.

I get it. It means you have to devise another means that works best for you, but, it’s okay if you read through this post first.

That said, I also need to tell you this; engaging in mundane activities gives your brain the space to rewind, reboot, and recover. You could doubt it, but half the time it works magic for creatives.

Cold showers and cooking work best for me.

When I’m stuck and in a rut – either with my WIP or Personal issues – I take an awesome cold shower in the heat of the afternoon. I cannot emphasize how clinically healthy it is for the mind and body.

Then comes the conversation and moment of clarity.

The trick is to let your mind wander as the water cascades down your back, giving your brain room to churn over your issues. If there’s a character you can’t seem to figure out, talk about it and converse with that character in the shower. If it’s an idea you can’t figure out, say it out loud and allow your brain to engage with your thoughts, and do the rest for you.

Standing under the force of all that torrent clears the pathway for your critical cells to function better, which in turn breathes clarity into your problems and proffers a logical solution to them.

It’s might seem crazy. It sure sounds insane and could lead to a few raised brows that you’re talking to no one in the shower but it is necessary to clear the stumps along the way.

Writer’s blocks are caused by a lack of imaginative juices flowing at some point in an author’s career, while for some, it happens every time with a new work in progress and causes the writing process to become painful, boring, and tiring.

Picture yourself in the ambiance of nature, enjoying the feel of her feather-light strokes on your skin as you lay it all bare. Talking is a therapeutic process; you don’t know what your problem is until you begin to comb through all the possible stumps in your way.

Then and only then will you find the solution to your writer’s block. Usually, it is caused by the inability to figure out what or how a project should progress from Point A to Point B, so, we become stuck, agitated, and frustrated.

How To Cure Writer's Block With a Simple Cold Shower

Don’t rush your showers. See it as an act of intimacy, a time to make love with your mind and enjoy the feeling of letting go. If you’re weighed down and stressed, there’s a high tendency of experiencing writer’s block at all times.


The best ideas will always come naturally and unexpectedly because they are not forced. It’s beautiful how you could tinker with an idea all day without making headway, but as soon as you fall asleep, you hit the gold mine. It’s simply because you’re attuned to nature and your mind is not boggled by unnecessary worries or realities.

I daresay that, a cold shower a day, keeps writer’s block away.

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